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About Citizens Hose Company of Jersey Shore


...A brief history

    The Citizen’s Hose Company of Jersey Shore was founded in 1956 in an effort to better the borough and surrounding area’s ambulance service that was primarily ran by the areas funeral home directors.  As the needs of the community changed so did the roles and responsibilities of the department.  In 1967 Citizen’s purchased its first fire engine and in 1974 we bought our first rescue truck and Hurst tool.  

    In 1960 a group of people formed and chartered the Larry’s Creek Vol. Fire Company in Salladasburg.  The first piece of apparatus was a steel wheeled hose cart and 6 sets of T.O.G. that would be shared by the 20 members that founded the company.  In 1967 Larry’s Creek bought its first fire engine and in 1977 they formed and started a QRS service. 

    In 2001 a group formed of the Larry’s Creek V.F.D. and Citizen’s Hose Company started working on a merger agreement between both departments and in February of 2002 both membership with support of each departments Board of Directors voted to merger both departments.  The goal of the merger is to provide Fire/Rescue/ and EMS to the greater Jersey Shore Area.  



    The purpose of the Citizen’s Hose Company is to preserve life and property in the event of medical emergencies, fire, rescue situations, or any time called upon to preserve life and property while functioning within our scope of training and abilities.  The department will maintain a state of readiness with state of the art equipment; professionally trained volunteers and standards based practices.  We recognize that the activities or lack of activities of the fire department have an impact on our members, the citizens, the municipalities, government agencies, and the economy.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to answer the community’s call for help, when they call, every time they call.  This mission will be fulfilled by:

1.      Providing leadership, influence, information and direct action in fire, life safety and emergency medical services.

2.      Compliance with all applicable federal, state and local standards and laws.

3.      Maintaining command and control at all events and incidents in our charge.

4.      Providing educational opportunities to members and our community at large.

5.      Providing proactive, flexible and changing management strategies to fulfill our mission.

1212 Locust Street Jersey Shore PA 17740

Station 4-45 (570) 398-0782  Station 5-45 (570) 398-7242  EMS Billing Office (570) 398-7471   Fax (570) 398-3520

Stations 45 and 94 Dispatched by Lycoming County 911 Center Freq. 154.430